I want to buy a bigger family home for now and protect my children now & in the future

Our Client’s Situation:
Our clients have two young children together; they want their boys to be well looked after now, and in the future, should the inevitable happen. Whilst they love their current home, they had outgrown it and wanted to upsize and move out of the area to be closer to family. A key priority was a bigger kitchen as this would allow Mrs E to consider starting her own business in the future, baking cakes. They wanted to retain their current house as it had been their family home for the past 10 years+ and wanted it to form part of their children’s inheritance in future.


Expert Advice:
We suggested raising a ‘Let to Buy’ mortgage which would provide them with a significant deposit towards their future new residential home. This means they could keep their current home & provide the opportunity to another family to rent the property, which is situated in a popular and appealing area, and create their own memories. This Buy to let (BTL) mortgage would be serviced by the rental income they received and their new residential mortgage could be serviced by their earned income. This meant they could keep their first family home for their children to inherit in the future, whilst allowing them to upsize and making Mrs E’s plans of starting her own baking company a strong possibility in near future.

Our advice didn’t stop there; as family is very important to these clients and us at Affinity, we ensured their family, mortgage & main household income were protected by creating their very own bespoke protection portfolio. We used our industry-wide product knowledge and experience and applied it to their specific personal needs. Simple, honest & transparent advice in all areas!

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